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Source of Hope is constituted by a group of people from different backgrounds and different cultures who have proven through their journey and their experience their compassion for disable people working in basic home and community services. 

Our purpose is not only to assist them, but also to restore Hope in everyone we serve..



Founded in 2020, by Andrewson Mongue, Source of Hope was born at a critical time when society and families around the world experienced a crisis that profoundly affected lives.

People have lost family members, jobs and much more; These different situations have created fear, doubt, destabilization in families and society.

Rebuild and maintain hope are two major point who motivated us to introduce ourselves in HCBS with the goal to shape a better future.

At Source Of Hope , our staffs are here to provide a wide range of home health services and offer efficient medical services .

Contact us today and learn more about us.


How WE Can Help You

Habilitation (HAH)

The goal of habilitation being to help to achieve a better quality of life that promotes personal fulfillment and satisfaction, our team aims to see an improvement in the lives of those to whom we provide our services. We offer support based on improving the level of personal skills at home and in the community.


Our main goal in the Respite Service is to provides short-term relief to a typical care provider or guardian by providing quality care to individuals who need support.

Attendance Care

Attendant care is designed to achieve or maintain safe and hygienic living conditions, enabling people to live healthy and peaceful lives. For this reason, our team designs a plan of care in collaboration with all parties to ensure that the goals of a better quality of life are achieved for the people we serve.


Will be provided on a ‘schedule,’ and ‘demand’ basis; to destinations that are agreed upon by the team and stipulated in the ISP.

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